tes kepribadian

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menurutnya, gw itu adalah tipe orang yang ENTP ( the originator )

apa itu? taulah awa ni

gini nih

About the ENTP
“ENTPs are idea people. Their perceptive abilities cause them to see possibilities everywhere. They get excited and enthusiastic about their ideas, and are able to spread their enthusiasm to others. In this way, they get the support that they need to fulfill their visions”

Portrait of an ENTP (The Personality Page)

“It is so natural for these individuals to practice devising gadgets and mechanisms, that they start doing it even as young children. And they get such a kick out of it that they really never stop exercising their inventive bent”

“ENTPs are usually verbally as well as cerebrally quick, and generally love to argue–both for its own sake, and to show off their often-impressive skills… argument as a sport.”

ENTP Profile (TypeLogic)
“ENTPs contribute an innovative, versatile, and enterprising approach to work. They view limitations as challenges to be overcome and look for new ways to do things. They need to find a niche for themselves in order to be free to maneuver. They prefer the start-up phase of a project rather than the followthrough or maintenance phase. Once the project is designed, they prefer to turn it over to someone else.”

ENTP – The Innovator (Lifexplore)

“…attention seeking, experience junky, insensitive, adaptable, not easily offended, messy, carefree, dangerous, fearless, careless…”

Jung Type Descriptions (ENTP) (similarminds.com)

contoh-contoh orang bertipe ENTP

Famous ENTPs

Real ENTP People

Fictional ENTPs (Characters)

  • Polly Prince – Along Came Polly
  • QJames Bond
  • QStar Trek: The Next Generation
  • Shirley FeeneyLaverne & Shirley
  • Wile E. CoyoteRoad Runner (Looney Tunes)

kerjaan yang cocok buat ENTP

ENTP Career Matches

ENTPs are often happy with the following jobs which tend to match well with the Originator/Intellectual personality.

  • Actor
  • Artist
  • Comedian
  • Computer Analyst
  • Computer Programmer
  • Consultant
  • Designer
  • Engineer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Inventor
  • Journalist
  • Lawyer/Attorney
  • Marketer
  • Musician
  • Photographer
  • Politician
  • Psychiatrist
  • Psychologist
  • Public Relations
  • Sales Representative
  • Scientist
  • Systems Analyst
  • Writer

yes, most of them are match and related with me, hehehe

jadi aktor cocok, entrepreneur apalagi (udah tampang eksmud:P), president juga ok, photographer? at least gw hobby, musician? bisalah maen gitar dikit-dikit, nyanyi? jangan ditanya lagi, beberapa orang konon langsung pingsan begitu denger gw nyanyi, cuma gw gak tau mereka pingsan karena terkesan ato karena mules hha. psycolog? gw dulu pernah bercita-cita jadi psikolog, engineer? ya gw kuliahnya emang di bidang itu, writer? itulah kenapa gw punya 5 blog dan satu website, ahahah, inventor? hmmmmm kapan ya gw nemu duit? designer? gw suka gambar dari kecil, komedian? some of my friends says that i am funny, the other says that i had a cartoon face :(( damn it. marketer? just see that in the future i’ll be a number one marketer leader ever, :)).

see ya

update :
dan ini multiple intelligences nya
Click to view my Personality Profile page

see? gw ini kuliah di jurusan teknik sipil yang mana yang paling penting itu matematika dan fisika. tapi liat matematika gw? liat selengkapnya disini, ahahahahah
pulang kampung aja la awa ni


2 Responses to “tes kepribadian”

  1. 1 kez October 28, 2008 at 3:48 am

    Mau dong pin ikutan yang kaya ginian. Dimana sih ngambilnya?

  2. 2 pipinpramudia October 28, 2008 at 11:33 am

    itu kes, klik aja gambarnya

    ato gak ini


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