panther biru

Color Checking Result! Pipin Pramudia 09/11/1987

You are Blue Panther, who is humble, and even if you get thrown out from the place you went business on for the first time, you have the persistence to negotiate. You also possess a natural instinct to catch the best timing for bargaining. Your character is cheerful and calm. You respect rules and manners of the society, and are mild reasonable person. You are weak on theoretical persuasion. However you are good at negotiation using your natural sense. You have a quick mind if personal relationship is concerned. You don’t mind doing service for the others. You are very humane person. You also can not turn down favors. You tend to concentrate heavily in things like music and cinema. You don’t mind working and researching for a topic that interests you. You will not make shallow-minded comments, and you always think carefully before you speak. Although you are a man of few words, you cover that weakness being an active person. You can steadily and efficiently carry out matters. You can put your life for making your beliefs come true. You are an objective oriented person, and believes only what you get out of your effort is what you can trust.

hasil aslinya disini

wow, gak tau kenapa hasil testnya kok gw banget, haha, sumpeh keren abis dah. mau nyoba? cekitot


2 Responses to “panther biru”

  1. 1 naematicz February 24, 2009 at 3:02 pm

    wah wah mas pipin,kalo saya black tiger,beda jauh ya,pdhl kita cuma beda sehari (plus setahun hehe..)
    tapi msh sama2 varian kucing raksasa sih

  2. 2 journalight February 27, 2009 at 7:26 am

    biar beda setahun kan tapi muka saya masih keliatan kayak brondong loh ^^.

    kucing raksasa?
    bukannya panther itu mobil ya teh?
    trus bukannya tiger itu motor keluaran honda tea? hehehe ^^V

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