brand alphabet

nemu ini pas lagi googling, keren juga yak
a = adobe
b = barbie
c = coca cola
d = disney
e = ebay
f  = fila
g = google
h = h&m
i = from ibm
j = johnson n johnson
k = kellogs

l = logo

m = MTV

n = nintendo

o = oakley

p = puma
q = quicktime media player
r = RAC

s = sega

t = texaco
u = unilever
v = virgin
w = walkman
x = x box
y = yahoo
z = zurich

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1 Response to “brand alphabet”

  1. 1 irmajelita April 10, 2009 at 7:23 am

    hohoho,, kreatif juga isi blog nya,,
    ikut nge link ya piiin

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